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So, I think I need a religion.

Mostly, because a lot of things about transness, about gender in general, I’ve been inclined to describe as “sacred” and I think I mean more by that than that they’re deep, meaningful, and incomprehensible to cis people. I think that there’s actually something spiritual about this, and I need to find a spirituality that fits.


A few points of disagreement I have with that. Sticking only to the ones relevant to myself:

  1. There are reasons to hold a belief other than epistemological. If you’re better off for believing something, and you aren’t hurting others with that belief, that is sufficient reason to believe it.
  2. The assumption that skepticism naturally leads to atheism (as she implies) ignores the diversity of human experiences. Until recently, applying skepticism to determine what to believe spiritually on the basis of my experiences has lead me to atheism. Lately it has not.
  3. Even though she says she’s not going to conflate religion with Christianity, she goes on to treat all religion as though taking things on faith and believing with certainty despite evidence was universal of religion rather than characteristic of Christianity.

Atheism is no longer sufficient to explain my experiences. Therefore I must look elsewhere for explanation. The choice between atheism and absolute belief without evidence is a false dichotomy.

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    I was already planning to look into paganism. Thanks for the book rec, though.
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