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If you are an autistic woman, please consider taking my ten-question survey about your experiences as an autistic woman.





Your responses will be used in an academic paper for a Gender and Women’s Studies course, focusing on the social and cultural expectations of and reactions to autistic women. As most of the course has been focused on social roles, I want to specifically discuss autistic women’s experiences with societal expectations through the lens of intersectionality - I’d especially like answers from women of color, trans*women, and LGBT* women, but all autistic women are encouraged to reply. Unfortunately the survey’s limitations are broad, so if you want to discuss your experiences further, I highly encourage you to contact me directly at cameron.sidhe@gmail.com

I am a second-year student at the University of Illinois-Chicago, majoring in English and minoring in Classics, with a background in journalism and research. I am autistic myself and I have discussed this paper topic with my professor, who is eager to see the results. If you need further information about me, the course, or the paper, don’t hesitate to ask; I’ll be happy to share any information you need to feel comfortable discussing your experiences.

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