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With that Die Cis Scum post where I talked about cis people being the beneficiaries of violence against trans people, people got confused about what violence means, so I think I should clarify:

Violence is more than just assault. Political violence exists in institutional discrimination. People being denied housing, a source of income, medical care, etc, that’s all violence. With that in mind, when trans people are ostracized from adequate employment (and this happens mainly with trans people of color because all of these institutions bud from white supremacist power structures), it creates a space exclusive for cis people, with less competition. In short, you have a better opportunity to get this job because all of the trans people have been barred from a fair chance at getting it, you benefit from that.

Also, this is why the statement that trans women have male privilege is utterly laughable. First, citing supposed microaggressive habits (like ‘splaining) as proof that we have privilege is to fundamentally misunderstand how oppression works. Microaggression does not imply privilege, and it does not reinforce oppression unless there is actually oppression happening.

For trans women to benefit from male privilege, two things would have to be true:

  1. Oppressive violence that is done against women would need to exempt trans women, i.e., would need to specifically target cis women. Considering that blending in as cis is necessary for trans women’s safety, and when we are revealed as trans shit like this happens (more to TWoC than to white trans women, but we’re not immune), I think we can say this is ridiculous.

  2. This violence must be done to uplift trans women’s status in society. Immunity from violence, without this, is just passing privilege. For violence against cis women to be done to uplift trans women, the conspiracy theory that the patriarchy seeks to replace cis women with us would have to be true.

    Considering that (when we’re outed) patriarchy sees us as inferior knock-offs of womanhood (again, from where a trans woman stands, there’s no daylight between radfems and patriarchy; they think the same thing), we can pretty clearly say that patriarchy isn’t trying to uplift us. That, and the whole thing that we’re targeted by it and you can’t be uplifted by things that are targeted at you.

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