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On December 16, call, email, and fax Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman and tell him to drop the charges against CeCe! Flood the lines and let Freeman know we won’t rest till CeCe is free from this racist, transphobic prosecution.

Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald is a 23-year-old African American transgender woman who, after being violently attacked for her race and gender, is being unjustly charged with two counts of second-degree murder. Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman has the power to drop the charges against CeCe. So far, though, he has implicitly sided with CeCe’s white supremacist attackers by failing to acknowledge the racist, transphobic assault that she survived.

When: Friday, Dec 16, ALL DAY
Where: From home, work, wherever you find yourself!
What: Call Michael Freeman at 612-348-5540, fax at 612-348-2042, and email at citizeninfo@co.hennepin.mn.us

Remember to remain polite but assertive. Some key points to mention in your calls, emails, and faxes are:

* Identify yourself as a supporter, friend, family member, or community member calling about Ms. Chrishaun McDonald’s case.
* Tell the County Attorney’s Office why you’re concerned: Ms. McDonald was the target of a hate crime, but she was singled out for aggressive prosecution after the attack.
* County Attorney Freeman has declined to press charges in cases like this at least three times already this year, and he has the power to drop the charges against Ms. McDonald.
* Tell Freeman not to side with Ms. McDonald’s white supremacist attackers: drop the charges against Ms. McDonald.

Support CeCe McDonald! Call/email/fax the Hennepin County Attorney (link) [WARNINGS: talk of cissexist/racist violence (by the attackers & the “justice” system), cissexist/racist/gay-bashing slurs, & racist media representation]

some online free faxing places:

also, a notice at the end of the post:

Future call-in days will be called for December 27th, and January 6th. Check back for details!

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this is happening tomorrow, please do this/spread the word if you can.

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Update on CeCe’s trial schedule


Hey friends and supporters! Despite the prosecution’s attempt to bump CeCe’s trial up a month in order to limit the time her defense team has to prepare, it was established today that the trial will begin as previously scheduled, on January 9, 2012, at 9:00 a.m. She also has a motions hearing scheduled for December 5th at 9:00 a.m. So plan on helping us pack the courtroom both days, and watch for updates on rallies and other related support actions!

details on what she’s been through/going through are all here (link) [WARNINGS: systemic & personal violence against a black trans woman — assault/cissexism/racism/misogyny/racist slurs/misgendering/victim-blaming/abuse in prison]

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Updates on CeCe’s case (we need help making bail!)


Hi everyone, here are a few updates on the progress of CeCe’s case, and how you can support her!

1. Court/legal update
2. Bail money and collateral needed!
3. Upcoming meetings and community events

1. **Court/legal update**
This morning in court, CeCe’s bail was reduced to $75,000 with the following conditions: electronic home monitoring; no contact with witnesses; no drug and alcohol use; and remain law abiding. Her trial date was set for January 9th.

2. **Bail money and collateral needed!**
Now that CeCe’s bail has been reduced, we want to move as quickly as possible to get her out of jail! We need to raise $7,500 immediately to cover the costs of her bond. WE ARE ALSO SEEKING COLLATERAL, which is necessary in order to be able to bond her out. Collateral would be a house or other asset of similar value; if you have something like that and you’d consider putting it up to make it possible for CeCe to be out of jail pending trial, please let us know! Contact mpls4cece@gmail.com or call Katie at 612-363-7574. (Funds are also needed for commissary and other related incarceration costs.) Find info about making donations here: http://supportcece.wordpress.com/donate

3. **Upcoming meetings and community events**

*September 30: Purple House Open House Fundraiser for CeCe and Movie Showing. The Purple House will be screening Meu Brazil (My Brazil), a documentary film by Daniela Broitman about community leaders from the slums of Rio De Janeiro who travel to the Fifth World Social Forum.
8 pm at 3155 14th Ave S., Mpls.

*October 15: Fundraising dinner for CeCe and Carlos Montes. Details TBA.

*October 16: Black, Brown, and Queer All Over, at The Exchange (3405 Chicago Ave S, Mpls)! This event is a queer and trans hip hop concert for The Exchange and CeCe. Featuring Kevin “Kaoz” Moore, Heidi Barton Stink, ZaVawn Carre, Chey Bryant, House of Bordeaux, and more!

*There are media/outreach meetings at 6 pm at the Exchange (3405 Chicago Ave S, Mpls) every other Thursday at 6 pm. The next one is October 6th.

*and…the next general CeCe Support Committee Meeting is Wednesday, October 5th at 6 pm, and the first Wednesday of every month thereafter. Also at the Exchange (3405 Chicago Ave S, Mpls)

details on what she’s been through/going through are here (link) [WARNINGS: systemic & personal violence against a black trans woman — assault/cissexism/racism/misogyny/racist slurs/misgendering/victim-blaming/abuse in prison]

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CeCe McDonald is out of solitary; her hearing is 9:00 MN. TIME


this was posted yesterday.  it’s probably too late but posting this now anyway [sorry].  and AFAIK you could still donate if possible.

Good news: CeCe is OUT of solitary!! Thanks to everyone who called the jail!

You can stop the calls now, but her hearing is still happening tomorrow, so please come and help us PACK THE COURTROOM. We want her to see how much love and support she has, when she makes her appearance.

*When: September 22nd, gather at 8:30am (hearing at 9:00)
*Where: Hennepin County Government Center – 300 6th Street South, Mpls

info on what happened to her is here (link) [WARNINGS: systemic & personal violence against a black trans woman — assault/cissexism/racism/misogyny/racist slurs/misgendering/victim-blaming/abuse in prison]

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