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Neli: They were interrogating me, you know, they asked me if I had a gun, you know. They kept repeating themselves, “where is the gun?”
You know, I told them I don’t have a gun, and they tried and, you know, get me to say I had a gun, you know, changing the story, like, changing their words, like, “we didn’t say you had a gun, we said where is the gun?” Their saying maybe I just told the cross guard I had a gun but I really didn’t have it. I said, no, I didn’t say anything to the cross guard.
You know, I think the police officer made the whole thing up about me having a gun, I don’t think he even talked to the cross guard. I don’t even know. Just, you know- you know-
Off-screen: And- yeah. And by that point you were placed in isolation, in a jail- for how long?
Neli: I was in jail for 11 days.

Neli Finally Tells His Story | AVoiceForNeli.com [WARNING for descriptions of racist police brutality & racist harassment (including the n-word)]

SUPPORT PAGE that includes donation information and message to Gov. McDonnell (link)

PETITION on change.org (link)

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