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Stock Answers to Racist Questions


Why are black people so meeeeaaaaaaaaan to me?

Because you’re a racist!

Why do not want to look white?

Because fuck Eurocentric racist beauty standards!

Why do you hate white people?

Because you’re so delusional that you make everything about you, you racist!

Why isn’t there a White Entertainment Channel?

There is. It’s called Fox News.

Why are you native peoples so light?

Because some of your ancestors raped our ancestors and created systems of racial inequality that gave incentive to be as light-skinned as possible, you racist ignoramus!

Where are you really from?

The glorious nation of Narn, you racist!

Why do you care so much about racism?

Because it’s important, you racist ignoramus!

Why do you get so upset when people disagree with you about racist stuff? It’s just their opinion.

Because their opinion is wrong, as evidenced by reality and facts!

Why don’t you more closely work with white people?

Because I don’t want to deal with their racism all the time!

Why are you referencing race all the time?

Because it affects all facets of my life, you ignoramus!

What is this ‘white privilege’?

Google, darling, it’s your friend.

Why does being called [slur] hurt?

Because it does, you racist little gringo!

Why can’t I say [slur] too?

Because racism, you little racist gringo!

Why don’t you care about the racism white people face too?
Because it doesn’t exist and distracts from real conversations about actual racism!

Why don’t you care about white feelings?

Because white tears taste like freedom and delicious soy sauce.

Why don’t you care about the fact that I have a black friend and therefore cannot be racist?

Because your imaginary black friend has internalized colonization and you are still a racist!

Why are you so hairy?

Because I grow my hair as defiance against your racism and Eurocentric beauty standards, you racist!

Why do you care about media images?

Because it affects how people think!

Why do you care about what other people think?

Because those other people might be cops or murderers or both and I need to know who to avoid like the plague!

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