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So I put a trigger warning of transmisogyny on that awful post. But.


Then I thought, it’s not “transmisogyny”, it’s plain old misogyny that happens to be directed toward trans* women. It’s regulating what women’s bodies “should” look like and what constitutes an “acceptable” body for a woman.

Why do we need a separate word for misogyny directed toward trans* women? Doesn’t that invalidate them a little, that there needs to be a separate phrase because plain old misogyny “clearly” isn’t about them? Seems to me that misogyny is misogyny and “transmisogyny’ may do more harm than good.

I’m not a trans* woman, so if my privilege is showing/I’m being an ass somehow/you’re a trans* woman and want to tell me something about this, please do so!

And I have to end with a question to make direct replies possible, so?

It’s more, I think, that misogyny directed specifically at trans* women has a lot more elements to it than misogyny directed at cis women/non-women who have been misgendered as women since birth and trans* women who pass as cis (this situation is actually way more complicated. Also people don’t have to know that you’re marginalized in a specific way to hurt you with it, so passing isn’t 100% protective), and so it looks a lot different. There’s not only misogyny and the body/habit/everything else policing that comes from that, but also cissexism bringing in its own body/habit/presentation policing, and coercive masculinity (which is itself part of both the policing that forces people in general to conform to presentations expected of the gender they were told, and the belief that masculinity is superior to femininity).

Like, the post in question wasn’t just misogynist body policing, but also cissexist body policing and invalidation.

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