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Contacting Hot Topic For Douchebaggery



Please signal boost this as much as possible amongst allies and other Native Siblings.

I just got off the phone with a Hot Topic Rep. To contact their offices for US citizens, please call: 1-800-892-8674. For International +1-626-709-1189. For individuals who do not like using phones, here are their: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or their little mini email form to “Talk To Us” found here.

If you want to old school snail-mail them, contact them here:

Hot Topic, Inc.
18305 San Jose Avenue
City of Industry, CA 91748

What is the douchebaggery, you say? Well, they are selling items marked as headdresses that some look like wampum fashioned headbands with some feathers, and others look genuinely like they are mimicing bonnets. They are also calling them head dresses. There is also a hoodie with a skull wearing a headdress. We offer Hot Topic this: why not make flapper-20’s style headbands, instead. Stop using our (or Native American) imagery. For a picture of these items, here it is:

[image: a screen shot of hot topic’s online store. It features “headdresses” in a variety of feather colors and styles, as well as a hoodie that has a large image of a warbonnet on the chest.]

please do this and/or pass it around if possible.  thanks.

Gross, Hot Topic.

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